"EVDOKIMOV SHOW" is a world famous parody theater.

The artistic director of the theater and the permanent soloist Anatoly Evdokimov is a unique parodist, "king of events", "an artist of 1000 images."

"EVDOKIMOV SHOW" is an extravaganza with luxury costumes and professional ballet. In the repertoire of Evdokimov Show there are 8 dance and musical performances: "Divas", "Cabaret", "Disco", "Evolution", "Cinema!", "Song of the Year", "Halloween" and "Fairy Tales".

The show is designed for any age and audience. "EVDOKIMOV SHOW" is applauded by spectators in large concert halls and on the most fashionable club venues. Bright images performed by Anatoly Evdokimov often become an ornament of corporate parties and merry wedding parties. The theater tours around the world, from South Korea to American Las Vegas. Glamorous European parties in Cannes and St. Moritz, performances at the best venues in Russia - "EVDOKIMOV SHOW" does huge success anywhere